Altair Collectors Registry

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sat Jan 23 19:28:21 1999

  So... let me get this straight... you want every one to
*register* their Altairs with For what, so you can get
a "hit list" together for a little second story work? So you can
spam-barrage members with Auction Solicitations?

  Aren't you the same individual trying to start the "Altair Owner's
Club" on one of those idiotic Yahoo 'conferences' or whatever they
call them.... and trying to get the List Admin to give you access
to the Archive so you can harvest names...???

  OTOH, maybe my Curmudgeon Index is a little high today..

  And, oh yes... thanks once again for shovelling a shit-load of
HTML crap into a plain-text based mailing list.


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