Altair Collectors Registry

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sat Jan 23 20:23:14 1999

  I'm not *bitter*, David... just a touch suspicious. I've been
around the 'Net long enough to have been through this kind of thing

  If in fact you are trying to preserve history and consolidate and
tabulate Altair resources... then you have ny vote. I do the same
with other items of by-gone "tech" that are not germaine to this
List (and thus not mentioned here often by me).

  There are active collectible computer dealers here, there are
E-bay proponents and there are those who decry both camps. I am a
private collector and I do not participate in the various on-line
auctions because I think they distort the hobby... but I am all for
Darwinian Capitalism... ie.: "You *go* girlfriend..."

  I am more concerned with my orivacy, personal safety and the
safety of my property. If I was *paranoid*, I'd not post anything at
all re: my motely collection. But I try to be a smidge *careful* who
I entrust with such info.

  Perhaps you will understand my thoughts better now.

  I ain't "bitter", just carefully observant, and leery of what
appears to be commercial exploitation of a hobby I enjoy.

  Cheers David..


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