IBM PC-JX (was: Reiability of wrong media)

From: Phil Guerney <>
Date: Sun Jan 24 08:32:56 1999

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From: Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) <>

>How many know about the IBM PC-JX? It had 5.25" 720K drives!
>Never sold in the U.S., just Japan and Australia?

Hmmm ... never sold in the US....I'll not dwell on the obvious about
collecting a load of JX systems that were used in some schools here and
selling them on e-bay ;)

Do you US collectors want these machines? I don't collect IBM PC's, although
I did relent once and pay $A20 for a JX machine (IBM Model 5511 with 5515
monitor and 5519 expansion unit - made in Japan and all in black with a 3.5"
drive in the main box and a 5.25" drive in the expansion box) that was in
good condition. As I suspected, not a very interesting computer to me. If
someone was prepared to foot the freight bill from Australia, I would be
prepared to sell or trade it. I also would be prepared to look out for
others and send them on.

Same applies to real Aussie micro's like Microbees and not-so-real Aussie
items like Dick Smith branded computers (which invariably were sold under
other brand/model names in the USA).

Trades are more interesting to me than sales - my main interest is roughly
defined as "1975-1985 home micros". It doesn't matter how much money I got
for this at auction, it wouldn't help me find a lot of stuff that seems
available to you lot at your local thrift store!

If anybody is interested, contact me by private e-mail. Just be prepared for
at least a 3-month shipping delay, unless it is only a light item, or you
can afford a hefty air-freight bill.

Brisbane, Australia.
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