classic printer on an iMac

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Sun Jan 24 14:13:39 1999

Hi all. Just thought I'd let you know about a cool product I've found.

My father, who up until this time has been running various apple2 computers,
(which is how I got into classic computers as a hobby, by the way) just
acquired an iMac. All is well and good except he wants to run his Sears Epson
fx85-alike from it. And as I discovered, the official Epson USB-Parallel
adapter doesn't do anything that far back.

So whilst at CompUSA last night I happened across InfoWave's PowerPrint
USB - Parallel adapter. After some checking to see if they claimed to support
old Epson 9pins, I bought it. Plugged it into the USB port on my wife's
mac, asked her to load the software, plugged it into my own Epson LX800 -
which uses the same driver - and it printed perfectly. It's a bit of a mess
to UNINSTALL, if you don't have extention management loaded, but my wife is a
mac power user and eventually got things cleaned up.

It's not cheap, - about a hundred bucks US - but even more than classic
computers, classic printers don't wear out, and with this package there's no
need to replace them just because you got an iMac.

Their web page is at, and it lists what printers the software,
PowerPrint, supports. Apparently they also make a Mac-serial to parallel
adapter, and the USB version is just ported over from the software from that.
Jim Strickland
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