Unix for 8080/Z80? [Re: WooHoo!! PC/XT Unix anyone?]

From: Jay Jaeger <cube_at_msn.fullfeed.com>
Date: Sun Jan 24 18:19:00 1999

There was a little Unix-like system called MARC (Machine Assisted Resource
written by Ed Ziemba. Unfortunately, Ed met an untimely death in a
recreational accident,
so it was never really finished. MARC used CP/M for a host boot, and the
versions that I
tinkered with used the CP/M BIOS for I/O to the disk.


At 10:46 PM 1/22/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>Actually, there was a thingy called PC/IX which ran on those non
>>memory-managed systems. I actually managed to snag a copy a few years ago.
>Well, and of course there's Minix (where Linux started)...
>Any Unix clones for 8080/Z80 systems? It ought to be doable, given that the
>original Unix was done on a 64KB address space machine...
>- Joe
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