LCI Yamatake Honeywell J-DCC00

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Jan 24 19:24:32 1999

I'm not sure, but it looks like one of the older Modem Eliminators. I used
to run into these things all the time, and ended up dumpstering most of
them. Hmmm, I still have some Micom units if anyone needs some.

Noel Fields wrote:
> This is being sold on e-bay. I don't know what it is personally (grin) but the
> person only wants a dollar for it. So I thought I would let anyone on here
> know, that might be interested.
> Heres the e-bay link....
> Noel
> P.s. DOES anyone know what it is? My curiosity is peaked now :) (there is a
> picture available)
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