Unix and VM

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_monmouth.com>
Date: Sun Jan 24 20:06:19 1999

> >No it didn't. I'm fairly certain that VM didn't appear until V7 on pdp-11
> >or maybe later.
> IIRC, adding virtual memory support to UNIX was the project goal for the
> CSRG at Berkeley. That was what BSD Unix was all about, and it was why the
> kernel image was /vmunix vs. the /unix which was the prior kernel image name.
> --Chuck

Paged VM didn't appear until the 32bit Vax. (BSD had it... AT&T (USG) Unix
didn't until SVR2 on Vax and WECO 32 bit processors...
(There was PDP11 support through SysV...)

The PDP11's never got paging (in USG Unix) although overlays were used.


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