CoCo3's & Legitimacy of the Ten Year Rule.

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Sun Jan 24 22:07:10 1999

>On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Bill Yakowenko wrote:
>> 2. Nothing PC- or Mac-compatible can ever be classic. Sorry, that's
>> just an indisputable fact. :-)

But what about a "Mac Classic???" ;-) Methinks they're over 10 years old,
and they have *classic* right in the name!!! ;-)

>> 5. The ten year rule should apply to the date when a thing dropped off
>> in popularity; if it was still in common use eight years ago, it is
>> not yet classic. (Justification: if it is still in common use,
>> there will be other places to discuss it.)

Erm, sorry... I (and I think most others would agree with me here) don't
believe that would work correctly, either. My beloved CoCo3 is more than
easily considered a classic here, as they *started* production in 1986 (and
mine was the first one in over a 50 mile radius of my area), but they were
still in production at least into 1990, and I know they were still in-stock
items in Radio Shacks & RSCC's in 1990, maybe 1991.

Due to active production and showroom floor presentation, I submit they
were in common use less than 10 years ago... yet considered a classic by
most everyone (and me) here.

BTW, my CoCo3's serial # is 102404... anyone know if there are different
serial number series for US-sold versus Canadian-sold CoCo3's? I purchased
mine in Canada; much cheaper!
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