Legitimacy of the Ten Year Rule.

From: Jim Strickland <jim_at_calico.litterbox.com>
Date: Sun Jan 24 23:27:51 1999

> > Speaking of classics, I'm hopefully going to get my hands on a Kaypro 10 in
> > the near future. No idea if the hard disk is alive. Does anyone know if the
> > disk in that machine is a full height mfm? I just happen to have a 40 meg
> > replacement for it... :)
> Could be either, but if original, it will have 4 heads and 306
> cylinders! That is all the standard K-10 EPROM can handle. If you want
> to use your ST-151 (or whatever) you will need to install the TurboROM or
> one of the other third party EPROMs that give much greater flexibility!
> - don
eek. I imagine TurboROM is one of those parts you can't get for love nor
money. I hope the drive works...

Jim Strickland
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