DELQA Switch Settings

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 24 23:53:22 1999

Megan Gentry wrote:
>I don't know the restrictions for EQ (under TSX, I suppose), but
>having been the designer and implementer of the ethernet drivers
>under RT-11, I can tell you that they won't run under SJ and FB.

You might want to have a look at the current release of the TCP/IP
software. There seem to be two different sets of documentation, you want
the documentation that's all one file. According to it the EQ driver has
been modifed to work on a system running the SJ or FB monitor. However,
I've not been able to get them installed, despite following the directions
on how to do it, and what options to include in the SYSGEN.

>I don't think you have to do this... TSX doesn't use the exact same xx.SYS
>drivers that SB/FB use, it uses rebuilt ones with a file type
>of .TSX So, as long as your TSX sysgen includes the driver, it
>should be available...

Opps..... You hit the problem on the head. I forgot to SYSGEN in the
driver. I did that today, and while as far as I can tell I did everything
right, it's complaining about the hardware. I know the hardware is good,
as DECnet under RSX-11M can use it.

Guess, I'll have to break down and try the XM versions of the software.
The RT-11 install instructions are a lot easier than the TSX+ instructions.


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