6502 unix (was: WooHoo!! PC/XT Unix anyone?)

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Jan 25 08:46:11 1999

> ::"On somewhat of a tangent, there is continuing work to
> ::support a subset of the Linux kernel on 8086, 8088,
> ::80186, and 80286 machines. This project will never
> ::integrate itself with Linux-proper but will provide
> ::an alternative Linux-subset operating system for
> ::these machines. "

> I'm waiting for Linux/6502.

There is a Unix alike OS for the IIgs.

Linux itself will never run, since it relies on
virtual memory with memory protection. You might
have to design your own system with an external
MMU - maybe some of the external 68K MMUs might
be usable. But even then, a full fledged 65816
with 16 MB would still be not very atractive.


P.S.: We once had an A2 compatible system with
virtual memory running - it was a try to get more
mem inside - so we added a 64x8 Bit RAM addressed
by A10 thru A15, giving A10 thru A17 for a 256 KB
of mem. So the system was able to replace mem in
1 K steps, giving 5.25 times the mem of an ordinary
Apple (did I mention that only the lower 48 K where
exchangabe ? :) - two of these beasts have been
made - complete hand wired Apple II+ clones...
We did it while our military service - plenty of
time but nothing usefull to do - so we decided to
clone my Apple - I had bought my Apple ][ just before
my service - the clones where for two friends (one
of the reare occasions where Unteroffiziers (Sergants)
have been outed as humans :). We also included another
64 K, where the first 16 there addressable like the
language card, but the later 48 had an adressing
compatible to the Saturn 128K card - a bit weired,
but with plenty of time and no money ... (BTW: the
mem was build up from 64Kb and 16Kb RAMs (32x64+32x16),
since the 256K chips where unavailable at this time

Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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