Classic Computer Auctions List

From: Doug <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 05:14:18 1999

In private email, Marvin appeared to like the idea of an auction mailing
list, so I've created one. You can subscribe by sending a message to:
with the body:
        subscribe ccauction

I, for one, will not be on this new list, but I'll respond to admin

To clarify, this list is just for the discussion of *online auctions*
related to classic computers. Hopefully, my reasoning for creating this
list is obvious by now -- I find random advertising of auctions unfair to
those who invest time in searching out bargain needles in a 1.3M-needle

Obviously, other sales vehicles don't have this inherent problem. Even
"real" auctions require a big enough investment of each bidder's time that
the playing field is pretty level. So, feel free to continue sharing your
non-online-auction finds with me^H^H^H us here :-)

On a related note, I want to make it clear that I do find the price trend
disturbing. Call me Chicken Little, but I fear The End is Near! It
appears to be increasingly difficult to find "interesting" vintage
machines from the usual inexpensive sources. I only saw a few S100
machines at ham fests last year, and I suspect that number will decrease
by half this year.

Would there be any interest in an anonymous database that tracks prices
collectors paid over time, and the sources where they found the machines?
If so, I can setup a website in about a day.

-- Doug
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