Alto II (was Re: PDP-8 prices

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 09:18:50 1999

> > But you're right. The emulator wouldn't just have to emulate a specific
> > CPU, it would have to emulate the microcode. At the least, you would have
> > to have 2-3 special-case emulators for 2-3 different instruction sets.
> > (Perhaps they would magically recognize the current microcode image and use
> > the appropriate instruction set.) And there's the disk hardware and the
> > video hardware to deal with as well.

> Why not just write a microcode emulator?

Worth a try, a bloody lot of work - but maybe still simpler
than on instruction level - and you don't have to emulate
all possible instruction sets. Most work will be gathering
the information - especialyx timing information for the
paralell working units, whitch will be, of course, simulated


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