Am I a part of history ?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 13:26:58 1999

> > I just did a quick search on several National Semiconductor
> > about SC/MP - guess what I get:

> > Sorry, I didn't find any documents that matched your search for "SC/MP"

> There is a guy in England that has or had one. I corresponded with him
> several years ago and sent him a copy of the manual. My search for the
> SC/MP at that time only turned up a couple of hits.

It's not that I have no information, just frustrating, that not
even the manufacturer is mentioning their (back then) remarkable
product on their web site, or offer any information - Did you
know that the asynchronous bus of the SC/MP makes this little
crappy CPU IDEAL not only for simple systems, but also for
_very_ simple multiprocessor systems - I guess between two and
three CPUs could work perfectly without loosing a lot of sync
time - maybe even 4 or 5, depending on the instruction mix...
(Jep, I know, 6502 systems culd also give easy dual processor
systems with inverted Phi).

> > P.S.: I just unpacked my SC/MP kit - Original binder, with original
> > packed, still shrink warped, unassembled kit .... Herrgott I'M HAPPY :)

> Congratulations! I suspect that the unassembled kits are a bit on the rare
> side. Did you get the keypad entry option also?

Talking about the pocket calculator like thing ? - Jep, I did - also
original packed etc. - No I have an assembled unit _and_ an unassembled
kit (and 2 SBCs) and some spare boards. - gee - Maybe SC/MP is now a
mayor player in my collection - I have at least 12 systems :)

BTW: I also have a punch tape for a SC/MP macro assembler, that is
made for an 8080 system (SL 0052 M8080 Macro Assembler PKG SC/MP 8080
Cross Asm. 11/30/78) - has anybody information about this particular
Software ? system needed to run etc. ? I have no other information.
Within some of the manuals an IMP-16 system is mentioned, that should
provide a cross assembler, but I have no idea about that.


P.S.: Today must be my lucky day - a friend called, if I would take
some old scrap from him, and it turned out to be a whole bunch of 70s
chips - including at least one complete 8008 chip set ....
jabadabadu !

Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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