Old DEC stuff

From: Jerome Marella <mopar+_at_pitt.edu>
Date: Tue Jan 26 19:35:00 1999


I have some old DEC equipment that I would like to get out of the
garage. I would prefer if someone would take the whole lot. If I can't
make those arrangements I may be willing to piece things out. The list
is following my sig.


Jerome A. Marella             University of Pittsburgh - CIS Systems & Networks
600 Epsilon Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
mopar+_at_pitt.edu  (412) 624-9139  Fax (412) 624-6436  http://www.pitt.edu/~mopar
The list of stuff:
2 x 11/750 w 14Meg
an 11/730 in pieces
3 x RA81
various extra boards - I will make a complete list if anyone likes
print sets:
  11/730 field maintenance
  pcs module
  mos memory array
  comet memory unit
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