Australian collector seeking help

From: Bob Wood <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 22:10:28 1999

I received the email message below from one Andrew
Davie who resides in Australia. Thought there might
be subscribers to this list who could offer him some

Bob Wood

> From: Andrew Davie <>


I'm a computer collector based in Australia. Recently I posted a
queston on the 'net about moving computers and equipment
from Russia. In reply, I was given your name as somebody who may have
some experience in the field. As you can see from
my sig at the bottom, I run a site devoted to Soviet Calculators.
Recently I've started branching into Soviet Computers, too -
but have yet to find a way to get bulky items reliably out of Russia.
I'm writing to see if you might offer me any advice / assistance ?
visit the Museum of Soviet Calculators at
a Yahoo!, Netscape, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and New Scientist Cool 
Wish I could help but have had no experience with Russia.  
I have shipped computers from the US to Europe
but that is about the extent of it. Someone has given me
more credit than I deserve.
I will post your message on the classic computing listserve
and see if the worldwide participants to that message board
can provide you with some advice. I will forward any replies
I receive to you.
Good luck
Bob Wood
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