DG Aviion input devices (was RE: HP Keyboard and cable)

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Date: Wed Jan 27 05:30:31 1999

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Subject: DG Aviion input devices (was RE: HP Keyboard and cable)

>On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Anthony Eros wrote:
>> I recently acquired a DG Aviion 410 minus keyboard and mouse. Does
>> have leads on tracking these items down?
>Apparently any number of (although not all) standard AT-style PC keyboards
>will work with the machine.

That is my experience also. A cheap clone keyboard didn't want to play,
however, a genuine IBM AT Keyboard seems to work perfectly.

>As far as mice go, mine looks like it's probably just a quadrature-style
>mouse, although my Aviion isn't working yet and I can't verify this.

>Note that for all their outward similarity, the DG mouse is not
>with a Sun mouse.

Erk. I was hoping they were. Darn. Anyone in Oz got a source for DG
Aviion style mice???


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