AMD 9511, 9512, Intel 8231, 8232 wanted, will trade National MM57109

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Jan 27 14:53:48 1999

Dick Erlacher wrote:
> The 9511 was the floating point unit, and the 9512 was for 64-bit integer
> arithmetic, I believe.

Close. They were both floating point. The AMD 9511/Intel 8231 used a
non-IEEE 32-bit format, and included transcendentals.

The AMD 9512/Intel 8232 used IEEE 64-bit format, and only had the four basic
arithmetic functions. Maybe it might have had square root, but definitely
no transcendentals. Like the 8087, it predated the adoption of the final
IEEE standard, so there may be minor differences, primarily in how infinities,
denormalized numbers, NANs, and rounding are handled.
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