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From: John R. Keys Jr. <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Thu Jan 28 20:36:45 1999

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Well it's been awhile and I have picked a lot more items than I can list
without causing problems. I have just few things worth telling everyone

1) video tape from by Microsoft called Windows At Work from May 20,1991
featuring Bill Gates giving the keynote address at the first Windows World
Conference and Exposition.
2) four brand new unopened video's from Apple (1991) called Apple Mac
Competitive Series - on Applications, Power, Networking, and Growth.
3) One used video called Welcome to Macintosh from 1989
4)The Home Computer Handbook ISBN 0-671-47221-6 really a great read with
lots of photos
5) Tandem Advance Command Language reference manual.
6) Handheld products Micro-wand systems a model II & III hand held wands, a
direct plug-in transformer, all the manuals and software for them.
7) Sailor-2 ONE/D EPROM programmer with manual and software
8) Datarase II EPROM eraser holds up to 4 40pins units at once.
9) Grid model 1810 notebook
10) Commodore Amiga A600HD unit
11) Commodore 1802 monitor
12) V-marc 88a computer
13) TRS80 model 12
14) LEX-21 terminal unit
15)CBM 2001 series works great
16) Otrona Attache portable computer
17) Heathkit H9 video terminal
18) About 30 2600 cartridges

That's it for now but this is just a small amount of the items picked up
over the last few weeks.
Hope to have a web site up soon on concentric.net to list most if not all of
the items I have in the collection. Keep Computing John
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