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From: Vintage Computer Festival <siconic_at_jasmine.psyber.com>
Date: Thu Jan 28 23:03:24 1999

Here's a guy wanting to sell his original MAcintosh. Please send e-mail
directly to the seller:

Mail-to: walk_at_me.unlv.edu

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Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 20:18:29 -0800
From: Ray Kozak <walk_at_me.unlv.edu>
Subject: Original Mac

Have an original Mac 128 with image writerII, external drive, extermal
modem and lots of software I would like to sell. Do you have any
resources I can contact to detetermine a fair price and any bbs to list
the system for sale?

Sellam Alternate e-mail: dastar_at_verio.com
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