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From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Thu Jan 28 23:57:21 1999

I just got my hands on my first Kaypro - a Kaypro 4. Everything seems to work,
but it never boots from the only boot floppy I have. I tried reversing the
two drives and booting from the other drive and got the same results, so I'm
convinced it's the floppy itself.

Can anyone point me to a site where I can get the software to create a new
one from my win95 machine (if possible).

I have some questions. First, I tried connecting a 360k 5.25 inch floppy from
a PC to the kaypro. At first nothing happened, then when I changed the device
select to 0, it hung the machine every time it tried to boot. Should I
interpret this to mean you can't connect PC drives to Kaypros? If you CAN,
can you connect 3.5 inch drives to it? It would be far more convenient...

Also, on it says there's a western digital hard disk
controller. WD-1002-05 HDO. Is it possible to connect this to a K4? If so,
how? I don't see any open connectors on the motherboard offhand.

Anyway, the guy I got my K4 from has a K2 and a K2x - the latter of which
appears to be unable to boot, although I suspect reseating the chips would
solve it, and the former of which has a soda-contaminated keyboard with
some missing keys. If anyone's interested in these machines, let me know and
I'll forward your e-mail to him.

Jim Strickland
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