photographing old computers/parts

From: John Amirault <>
Date: Fri Jan 29 01:57:11 1999

Please make sure that you use a tripod to mount your camera on or your pictures
will be blurry. Hope that this helps.
John Amirault

Tony Duell wrote:

> > Well... from my perspective:
> (Pun intended? Perspective is one of the most difficult things to get
> right when photographing 'box-like' objects in close-up)
> >
> > Medium speed film if you have the light, altho I'll admit that I use ASA400
> > a lot when I'm shooting equipment so I have more latitude on depth of field.
> There is nothing wrong with a 30 second exposure - well, other than the
> fact that most point-n-shoot cameras can't do them, and the 'Bulb'
> setting seems to have vanished recently. Fix the camera, fix the
> computer, and use the slowest film you can find.
> >
> > A couple of halogen work lights are adaquate for lighting most sessions,
> > unless you have something like a NeXT cube. (all black!)
> If you are taking slides, you probably need to correct the colour
> temperature. Tungsten-halogen bulbs are closer to daylight than most
> electric lamps, but they're still a bit cooler (redder). If you are
> taking prints you can correct the colour to some extent when you print
> the negatives.
> -tony
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