Soviet BK-0010

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Fri Jan 29 08:23:57 1999

I recently posted about the Soviet BK-0010 computer.
I've since found out a bit more information about it. I'm reliably told
that it has an actual PDP-11 processor inside it - and I naturally assumed
it was a PDP-11 clone. Its not. In fact, it is a computer-in-a-keyboard,
somewhat akin to the Commodore 64. The whole thing weighs 2kg or
thereabouts. It's a simple home computer. There are two versions - a
membrane keyboard (with brightly coloured keys!) and a "normal" keyboard
one. More information as it becomes available.
And here I was, expecting to have to arrange shipping for something the size
of a fridge!
I'm trying to arrange pictures - I may extend my site to include Soviet
Microcomputers, too :) But that would be "MOSMOW" and it doesn't have the
same catchy ring to it. I need a new acronym!
visit MOSCOW - the Museum of Soviet Calculators (on the Web) at
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