Antique Computer Rare Vintage HP-41C Classic [Re: FW: Nice finds]

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Jan 29 18:41:40 1999

At 02:59 PM 1/29/99 +1, you wrote:
>> > Ummm. yeah I own at least 30 of them :-) FWIW even the HP-71 is an
>> > "early" HP calculator according to E-OverPay.
>> Everything is relative. The 41C can be considered a computer. It's
>> certainly classic. Pretty vintage, too. Rare antique? Well, 3 out of 5
>> ain't bad. At least he didn't call it an S-100 Altair IMSAI HP 41C.
>Shure ? maybe he stored the HP in the same room, or even
>had them once at the same time on the same table !!!

   Yes, and I traded an HP for my Altair! I also got my Tektronix 4051 as a
freebie when I bought another HP.

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