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From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Fri Jan 29 22:15:34 1999

> Lawrence LeMay wrote:
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> > Well, i figured it was about time I took my terminal out of the closet and
> > tried to get it to work again. Well, the good news is it still appears
> > to be working.
> >
> > This beast is a Control Data Corporation Plato terminal. As far as I know,
> > its the original model of plato terminal.
> --snip--
> Plato as a project evolved through many stages; when CDC jumped in
> they began by providing courseware through Cybernet and other
> hosts using a terminal designed around a plasma display screen which
> allowed rear-projection of slides and other overlays. The terminal
> had no intelligence.
> The machine you describe was a later-stage micro-based implementation
> which ran CP/M and Plato courseware ported to it as well as MECC
> and standard CP/M based packages.
> CDC Literature Distribution (in whatever form it may still exist) should
> have beaucoup hardware manuals.
> Michael Grigoni
> Cybertheque Museum

Are you sure about that? This appears to be just a terminal. I think I
saw what you're describing once, using a newer plato terminal (those
had green screen touch terminals). This is a much older terminal, with
a white display and if the touch screen has any color to it, i would
have to describe it as metallic/silver.

The monitor says this on the back:

  IST/MET Display
  Equip ID: CC115A Series code 03
  part # 15629780 Serial Number 2018

-Lawrence LeMay
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