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From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sat Jan 30 09:51:26 1999

Talk about strange things I just purchased the same book Friday for 10 cent
at the thrift here. So it was a good buy after all. John

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> Well well, people throw out the darndest things..
> I found a copy of a book by someone named Peter Norton. Looks to
> me like it
> may have been his first book. Called 'inside the IBM PC'.
> His 2 test systems for developing the book were:
> IBM/PC with 64K standard memory and 512K on a jumbo memory board that
> he bought as a lark. The jumbo board is populated with 64K chips.
> he mentions tha this board does provide astonishing improvement in
> his Pascal programs.. (Duh!). Monochrome monitor.
> Second system has a Amdek color II monitor, 128K of true blue IBM memory,
> twin Tandon TM 100-2 diskette drives, and the standard color graphics
> adapter.
> Oh yeah, he mentions that he uses teh Jumbo card to simulate a 360K
> virtual diskette drive ;)
> He disassembles roms, disusses bios calls, and explains how the cassette
> tape interface works, among other things. Personally, I think this
> guy could go far...
> -Lawrence LeMay
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