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This publication may be of interest to those willing to collect Soviet
computers (I never saw it, just found a reference to it in

   74. Wegner, Peter, J. Nestor, E. Schonberg, S. Smoliar, P.J.
       Weinberger, G. Wiederhold, and P. Wolcott: System Software for
       Soviet Computers; FASAC Technical Assessment Report, Science
       Applications International Corporation, McLean VA, August 1989.

Another possible source of information: Charles Babbage Institute of
Computer History, National Bureau of Standards collection:

     * ---. Soviet Cybernetics Technology: I. Soviet Cybernetics, 1959-
       1962, 1963 Jun. NBS #: 6303048.
     * ---. Soviet Cybernetics Technology: II. General Characteristics of
       Several Soviet Computers, 1963 Aug. NBS #: 6303052.
     * ---. Soviet Cybernetics Technology: III, Programming Elements of
       the BESM, STRELA, URAL, M-3, and KIEV Computers, 1963 Sep. NBS #:
     * ---. Soviet Cybernetics Technology: V. Soviet Process Control
       Computers, 1965 Nov. NBS #: 6526276.


        Chip in the Curtain - Computer Technology in the Soviet Union (1989)
        Parallel Processing Research in the Former Soviet Union. (1992)

        "History Computer Science Books"
        (images of early Soviet computers are linked from this page)

        A remake of Tetris, with look-n-feel of original version.
        "Tetris" for the MK-85 calculator.

        "Early days of Internet in Russia"
        (I know of an ES-1010 that to this day runs MISS.)

        Some user documentation on Besta-88. Reportedly, Linux
        <URL:http://www.dejanews.com/getdoc.xp?AN=329737050> and NetBSD
        were ported to this machine.

        A piece of folklore about ES-10xx series of machines. These are
        "almost, but not quite, entirely different" :-) clones of IBM 360
        series, except ES-1010, which is a clone of Mitra 225, and emulates
        IBM 360 instruction set in software (if need arises).

        These are FidoNet echomail conferences, bidirectionally gatewayed
        to Usenet. See <URL:http://www.fido7.ru/> for details.

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