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From: Michael Grigoni <msg_at_waste.org>
Date: Sat Jan 30 12:31:25 1999

Chandra Bajpai wrote:
> What the history/specs behind the Fortune 32:16....I remember reading an
> article years ago that they burned through a lot of VC money and produced
> few machines. I think they competed against the Victor 9000.
> -Chandra

Fortune produced the first viable and marketable BSD-ish/SysIII/V7 Unix
micro of any importance; it was embraced by developers like Tandy
(Filepro/Profile) and I've seen it installed serving many terminals
in Gov't agencies, Universities, etc.

The machine entered this world running on an MC68000 at 5MHz (IIRC)
and a hard disk was optional. Dates ca. 1982 although most machines
I've seen had internal datecodes of 1984.

See the Datapro report for much more details.

Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum
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