Honeywell DPS 6 Hard drives

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jan 30 13:11:36 1999

>I do know the box runs GCOS6, which from what I hear is a cross between
>GCOS and Unix. Hooray for me, if I can get it working. Although it is
>supposedly not y2k compliant, but I think that is just a ploy so Bull can
>get you to spend money on an upgrade. :-)
>Any hints or tips or free belts for that thing, or places to get belts for
>that thing, would be appreciated. Any help on running GCOS6 would be
>nice, as in how do I get the super user account on it? How do I add
>users, etc.

Bear in mind the memory is seriously rusty, and while I had quite a bit of
experience with GCOS-8, I only used GCOS-6 for about two months total
spread over 4 years.

GCOS-8, and IIRC GCOS-6, is nothing like UNIX.

On GCOS-8 the administrator accounts were simply accounts with extra
permissions, I don't know that there was an actual "Super User" account.
If there was anything that could be considered that it would be the "System
Operators Console". Administrator accounts were cool as we could change
our password to what WE wanted, not some random string (yeh, yeh, security
and all that).

No hardware tips, I never touched the things. I do remember the Tape
drives for the DPS-6 being a problem, but that might have been the
particular model we had.

As for parts, I'd recommend checking Navy Surplus. Don't rememeber what it
would be called, something like DRMO. The Navy used a LOT of Honeywell
DPS-6 hardware, in fact the whole military used a lot of Honeywell
hardware. Unfortunatly the odds are that all this hardware has been melted
down for razor blades by now.

On a simular note, if anyone knows were I can get one of the
Honeywell/Macintosh hybrids that was build for the Military, I'd love one.
They were based on the Mac II, and the one I used was based on a Mac IIfx.

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