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From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Sun Jan 31 01:33:14 1999

> > That's right. It has the pads and traces for probably a 50 pin header just
> > behind the floppy connection header. Is this where I'd plug in the
> > hard disk controller if I had it? And I don't suppose anyone ever made
> > a SCSI host adapter for this thing? being able to use SCSI disks in it
> > like I do in nearly every other machine I own would be VERY handy. (yes,
> > I'm a SCSI bigot. I lothe IDE).
> No, that is where you would plug in the adapter card from a K10 that
> converts the signals to 40 conductors that are required by the WD1002-HDO.
> Actually, on the downstream side of the adapter card you are tremendously
> close to an IDE interface. As I understand it, the IDE interface is
> premised on the commands that are required by the WD1002-nnn controller.
> zI have forgotten the exact model, but it must be near to the WD1002.

So what you're saying is there are two additional boards, the adapter card,
and the wd1002-hdo. Bleah, I think I'll leave it floppy based. The wd card
alone seems to be running about 75 bucks. Now I just need to put a 5.25 inch
drive on my pc so I can write out a boot floppy.
Jim Strickland
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