Prime and DPS6

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Jan 31 14:09:03 1999

Oh - I didn't know anyone here collected Prime computers.

My company used to specialize in Pick and Pick-like operating systems (such
as prime information and the honeywell dps6 version of Ultimate OS).

If anyone is looking for Pr1me gear, I know where most of it in the St.
Louis area is... probably know a few customers who still have their DPS6's
in storage too. Just let me know...

Matter of fact, I know where a completely working Prime 2550 with 1/2 tape
drive bay is. They said anyone could have it, just cart it away. It's in
pristine shape, along with all load tapes, docs, etc.

Jay West
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From: John Lawson <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 10:43 AM
Subject: SoCal TRW Swapmeet

> Ah yes... nice cool wx, mid 70s... good company, and everybody
>and their dog turned out for it.. I got down there at 6:15 am and
>the seller's set-up area was already half full.
> I got the rest of the cables for my Prime system.. now I can see
>if it boots.
> I got a *bunch* of books... most came from five boxes that I
>bought for $20... intending to take home and browse thru... but as
>I was unpacking the truck, book-sharks came from everywhere and very
>soon I had sold almost all of them... barely keeping the ones I
>wanted, and neeless to say at a tidy profit... :) Not much in
>the way of stunning classiccmp-related items... Doug got that one
>(the Basis machine new-in-the-box)... someone left a poor Televideo
>912 behind when they left so I rescued it. I found some more disk
>packs for my CDC 9766 drive.
> Next one is next month... the last saturday in February.. anyone
>in the Los Angeles area then is invited to attend... there will be
>a Classiccmp Bash/Banquet/Brag session right afterwards..
> Cheerz
> PS: Oooppss... I forgot about the Russian Typewriter I bought.. I
>had to have it.. a nice 50's Royal Standard... all Cyrillic....
>too cool!
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