FS: PS/2 50Z with tape and external floppy

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sun Jan 31 15:09:36 1999

Well I'll be posting things as I get throught them since I have a move
in the next 6mos to a year ahead and there's way too much here. I'll
only post what I think the readers of this list would be interested in,
at as low a price as I can go.

I have an IBM PS/2 model 50Z (286) with factory tape drive (unknown
format) that is fit into the B: drive bay, and a 360k external floppy
drive unit (IBM). No keyboard or monitor. I believe it has a 30 or 40mb
hard drive and 1 or 2mb ram. I gave over $35 for this machine without
the external floppy, basically on a whim for future use. I haven't had
a use for it yet due to no time. I'd like to see this unit get used
where it will be appreciated. You can even bump it up to a 386 with one
of those 286 to 386 upgrades like a "Snap-In" made by Intel or others.

The tapedrive slot looks like a QIC-80 size but taller. Like I say this
is unknown but should be common enough.

Shipping weight from 40144 would be roughly 32 -34 lbs. I need to see
$25 for the unit and external floppy drive, plus the USPS shipping. If
you are near the central US, shipping shouldn't be too bad. It all works
great but the only thing on the hard disk (IIRC) is DOS so you'll have
to visit IBM's FTP for the tape and floppy drive drivers, no big task
though for most of us. All the hard ware is IBM so it should be an easy
thing to locate.

Email me driect at RHBLAKE_at_BIGFOOT.COM if you might seriously be
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