OT: New G3 Mac Tower (was: Re: Instant classic)

From: John Ruschmeyer <jruschme_at_exit109.com>
Date: Sun Jan 31 17:18:57 1999

> Sam Wrote:
> >On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Max Eskin wrote:
> >
> >> > Have you all seen the latest G3 PowerMac on the TV ads? Instant classic!
> >>
> I hate to say it, but this shows you're not a SERIOUS Mac-Head. I can live
> without the floppy, but not having serial ports on the Professional Model
> is CRIMINAL! Just where am I supposed to plug that $500 Graphics Tablet I
> bought three months ago? At least they included a ADB port, which is
> probably their way of admitting that the keyboard and mouse that is ships
> with SUCK!

Nope, ADB was an afterthought to support one or more of the monitors. Use
of an ADB KB and/or mouse is apparently not recommended and there have
been stories of problems related to the use of same.
> Things they did Right:
> 10/100Base-T (I had to add 100Base-T to my 8500/180)
> Top of the line model has UW SCSI
> ADB Port
> Good Graphics Card with plenty of memory
> Things they did Wrong:
> No Floppy (Yes, if you think back I said this was good for the iMac)

Probably less of a deal than it was with the iMac (a home machine).
Pro users were already long past the point when the minimum usable
removable storage was a Zip-100.

> No Serial Ports <-- Someone really should be shot! Someone buying
> this
> to replace a high end system is likely to have
> some expensive peripherals they don't want to have
> to replace or buy a serial card for.

Personally, I'm not as worried about periphs like tablets, but ones like
modems. (Modem option for G3 has not shipped yet)
> Undecided:
> Firewire

New standard... same thing people said about SCSI and USB.

> The "New Look" <-- For a professional system it doesn't look very
> professional, but then I guess they're targeting
> the
> art market.

I think that's it. I saw a page where someone had painted one grey...
very striking.

Clearly, the designers assume that the target audience "thinks different"
and does not need to worry about fitting in to an office, etc.
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