CD-RW Drive

From: Phil Clayton <>
Date: Sun Jan 31 22:18:07 1999

Phil Clayton wrote:

> My goal is to archive my old DOS & CP/M (In DOS readable format) for future
> use..
> I have wasted numerous CD-R's trying to write files to it..
> I can get the cd drive to burn the CD & read from it, however it will not read
> on another standard CD drive.

Thanks everyone for the feedback, here is some more information:
I have 2 cdroms installed in my WIndows 98 computer.
An Acer CRW 6206A 2X write, 6X read (The one in question)
and a Goldstar 8X standard CDROM, Both IDE..
I have tried several times to use the existing software, the problem seems in
the final phase of the burn, in which the software finalizes the CD-R disk
to be readable in any standard drive. Twice now it stopped short of finishing
and give the error message, "Error, this disk will not be readable in a standard
CD drive"
It burns the CD-R just fine but seems not to be able to convert it to a
usable format for standard CDdrives.
The software even asks the question "Do you want this disk to be able to be read
in standard CDROM drives" ? It does the final phase and then errors out.. Still
works in the CDRW drive but not in a normal drive..
Also it does direct CDROM duplication and the same error happens, it duplicate the
CDROM disk but in the final phase it stops short of finishing it..
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