Some finds and a few questions

From: David Williams <>
Date: Sun Jan 31 23:26:23 1999

On 31 Jan 99, at 10:14, Sam Ismail wrote:

> Oh yeah, I think I remember you posting about the card trying to identify
> it. As far as drivers, everything you need is on the card and the hard
> drive. Remember, with the Apple ][, the "driver" software is embedded on
> a PROM or EPROM on the card itself which maps directly into a memory space
> dedicated to the slot the card is plugged in to.

Yes, I meant the install and other utils when I said "drivers".

> You should be able to just plug the card in (I suggest slot 7) and connect
> the hard drive to the card. Did you get the ribbon cable that connects to
> the end of the card and terminates with a DE-37 enclosed in a big metal
> bracket? Did you also get the thick black cable that connects from this
> DE-37 to the back of the hard drive? Finally, did you get the terminator
> that plugs into the other connector on the hard drive? (You are able to
> daisy-chain multiple hard drives together. I think the limit is 2 but
> don't hold me to that).

I have the cable from the card to the DE-37. Don't have a cable
from the DE-37 to the back of the drive but that shouldn't be too
much of a problem. The terminator might be a bit more
troublesome but I'm sure I can locate or fashion something.

> The hard drive controller loads the first sector off the hard disk, which
> is the boot sector. That then loads the rest of the OS and then boots the
> OS. As far as I know, the initial boot is always into DOS 3.3. Then
> there is a First Class Peripherals menu that allows you to boot into other
> partitions (you could partition it for ProDOS, CP/M, and Pascal). I have
> all the formatting and installation software if you need it. But if it
> boots into anything then you're set.

Were the partition and install utils normally copied to the drive as
part of the install? I may want to repartition it depending on what I
find assuming it works at all.

> That explains it. I've been to pawn shops before where their prices were
> higher than retail!! It makes me want to strangle the owner just out of
> disgust.

That's why I don't go to pawn shops very often but I have found that
most times I can make them an offer and they will take it.
Especially with the older items since many have been sitting
around the shop forever and they want to get rid of them.

> Well, don't get your hopes up about the games. They suck for the most
> part.

What, you mean I can't play Baldur's Gate, Civ 2 Multiplayer,
Populous or SimCity 3000 on them? Damn, what good are they?

> I've had situations where the seller just wasn't receiving my e-mails.
> Give them one more chance and look up their number. If they were being
> asses about it, at least by confronting them on the telephone they will be
> more likely to tell you what happened as opposed to just hanging up on
> you.

Well, every other time I've posting to the list that the deal was a no-
go, they contacted me and we moved a little closer. Maybe it will
happen again. Then again, I'd hate to give up totally so maybe I'll
make one last try.

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