Interesting find -> Honeywell-Bull AP/M

From: Jason <>
Date: Wed Jan 20 02:15:27 1999

Does anyone have any sort of info on this thing? I just picked one up at a
garage sale for $1. The guy I bought it from had no info about it. He said
it was in the basement of his house when he bought the house...

The case is about 6" high by 15" wide. It has a 1.2 MB 5.25" floppy and a
ST-225 HD in it. It has a 286-10 CPU in it, but when "turbo" (it's software
controlled - "boost.exe" makes the computer beep then lights a green LED on
the front)is on, it clocks at 13.5 MHz (QADiagnostics). There is a 3.5" bay
that's the same height as a 5.25" floppy (anyone have a drive that'll fit in
here?), and the three LED's (green, red, green - power, HD, turbo) aren't
labeled. The cover over the HD bay is odd, too. It's frosted. Whenever
the computer's on, the green HD light can be seen through it, sort of like
the old Olivetti had.

The cards that it has are a standard MFM controller (although in a
non-standard place - it's set back About 1" from the back of the case, and
about 1" to the right of the card cage, and the ''tail" on the card's
mounting bracket goes through a hole in the motherboard)/ There's also a
standard CGA/composite video card, and an ARCnet LANcard. It has a BNC coax
connector on it.

As my luck would have it, though the "arcnet" directory was empty. All the
directories were empty but the DOS directory, and they all appear to have
hidden files, because I can't remove them.

The case is also made from a surprisingly heavy gauge of steel. All the
metal is about 1/32" thick, and it weighs about as much as a 5170 AT.

Anyone have any info on this? what it was mainly used for? Maybe a
keyboard to match? :)

                -Jason Willgruber
                   ICQ#: 1730318
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