IBM 5150 XT

From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jul 1 22:50:32 1999 wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I am trying to see if I can get an IBM 5150 working still. I was
> wondering if anyone out there can tell me:
> 1. If the IBM 5150 XT computer came with documentation

Yes, the Guide To Operations Personal Computer XT and I believe there were a
couple of other small manuals included.

> 2. Is an IBM monitor, model # 5153 (Personal Computer Color Display) is
> compatible with an IBM 5150 XT?
> 3. What kind of monitor (graphics array) is an IBM 5153. I would guess
> EGA, but don't know.

The Personal Computer Color display is a CGA monitor. Talking about it being
compatible with the PC is not a valid question since it is the controller
that determines what monitor can be used. The switch settings on the
motherboard of both the PC and XT are settable for mono, CGA, and EGA
adapter cards. Schematics for the 5150 and peripherals were available in the
IIRC Technical Reference Manual and the Options and Adapters Manuals.
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