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Date: Fri Jul 2 07:54:35 1999

On Thu, 1 Jul 1999 20:31:24 -0600 Richard Erlacher
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> The Apple-][ had its supply on the left and had no
> internal drives.

So did the BBC Micro! No expansion slots on the BBC,

> I don't remember whether the Apple III had internal
> drives.

It did, a single 5.25inch floppy disk. The Apple III
had a *huge* diecasting for the chassis, covered in fins
on the back for heat dissipation -- and no fan. The
slots (only about three of them) were in the middle of
the rear of the machine. The big metal chassis helped
with RF screening, too, and the cards had PS/2 MCA style
rear panels to make a good earth.

Two neat features of the Apple III:

1. Two-speed auto-repeat on the cursor keys: press harder
for faster cursor movement.

2. All the expansion cards had a large hole near the top
to facilitate levering them out with a screwdriver.

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