Surplus finds

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Fri Jul 2 18:52:55 1999

  Today, having the day off, I went Surplus crawling, over to a
place I used to work at in the late 70's. It has shrunk from those
wonderful days, but a lot of Stuff remains nonetheless.

  I found a Teletype 33ASR with a full roll of paper tape left in it,
and a Wilson Labs MWX-1000 SMD disk tester/execiser. I had to pay
more than I thought the Wilson box was worth, because it 'looks cool'
and they thought it would make a nice movie prop... which I guess it
would. *I*, on the other hand, think it would make an even nicer SMD
disk tester, so I rescued it. Aside from some bits and pieces, I saw
nothing worth taking home, save for a DEC Punch/Reader in a rack that
got smashed, wedging the unit so I couldn't get to it, though it
looked to be in good shape other than the rack rails being bent. I
know where it is, if someone is looking for one, I could go back and
pry it out of it's nest.

  Now to blow the warehouse dust out of the Teletype and get it



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