Questions about an IOTech SCSI 488/D Bus Controller

From: Stan Perkins <>
Date: Sat Jul 3 10:54:31 1999

Hi all,

I just picked up one of these devices, and (of course) it had no
documentation or drivers with it. I would like to set it up on my PC
with an Adaptec SCSI board to act as a GPIB controller. Alternatively, I
have an old Macintosh that I could use.


1) Is it possible to use this with a PC or a Mac, or is it only for Sun,
NeXT, and/or other specialized workstations?

2) What sort of software do I need to use it?

3) Any pointers to software and documentation? The IOTech web site has
nothing to offer.

4) Can it be used in reverse (i.e. can I hook it to a computer with a
GPIB interface and use it to access SCSI devices)?

Thanks in advance,
Received on Sat Jul 03 1999 - 10:54:31 BST

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