State of the Hobby

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Jul 3 14:01:49 1999

<OK, so the next question: is getting an education (enough to give one a
<chance) that tough overseas? It is not hard at all here in the states -

My understanding is not any harder than here. breaking into the hardware
field is a bit harder than software and many here (USA) in the internet
services (web, java and all that rot) are likely self educated people with
non-technical degrees.

The tag along issue was hobby vs vocation.

<summer at hamfests, selling electronic castoffs - even junk. Fill a box
<with caps, switches, tubes, connectors, knobs, etc., and the
<homebrewers will come. Yes, they tend to be a cheap lot too, but it adds
<up. Anyway, by October, an Altair could be possible - or even a pile of
<other machines.

This is very true. If you want to find stuff you have to be "out there"
or you'll miss a great amount.

For example at a MIT flea I got a very since BA11 11/23 system with docs,
floppies and RX02 for $0.00 as the owner didn't want to haul it back.

<Being a hamfest seller is a GREAT way to get leads, as well.

No kidding.

<Of course, I have never been to a radio rally, so things might be
<different for sellers.

Maybe, I'd bet not. ;)

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