RD53 questions...

From: Kevin McQuiggin <mcquiggi_at_sfu.ca>
Date: Sat Jul 3 15:06:02 1999

Hi Brian:

You may be a victim of the infamous "RD53 spindown problem". Does the
drive spin up and then stop and/or recycle, or fail to reach full speed?

If so you likely have a spindle break solenoid problem, which can be fixed
with a small Phillips screwdriver.

Please chack this and get back to me, I'll give more detailed instructions
if indeed this is what's happening.

> : | : : | |
> D S W W
> 4 3 2 1 2 1

The RD53 I have here has the W1 and W2 in place, the next three pins are
DS (drive select) ID settings, DS1, DS2, or DS3. I seem to recall that the
drive has to be set as DS2 to be the primary drive on an RQDX3 controller.

The one in front of me is set to DS1 however.

I have three other RD53s in storage, I can check on Monday if necessary,
but jumpering may not be the problem. You might contact Megan or Allison
on the list.

I forget what W1 and W2 are for, but my drive has them in place.

Hope this help,


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
Received on Sat Jul 03 1999 - 15:06:02 BST

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