Email Question

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Sun Jul 4 07:06:25 1999

> I've noticed that when send email to Classiccmp my email address
> shows up instead of my name.
> However others users have their name instead of their email address.
> Is this a setting on my end, or is it the way I am setup on this forum.?

Hi, Phil,

Wow... I know I've let some administrative messages pile up (because last
quarter was the busiest one I've ever had) but yours is probaly the oldest.
I'm really sorry about keeping you waiting.

For each person who's subscribed to the list, the software keeps a personal
name. That gets set when you subscribe. You might have done what many
people do by mistake, and included your e-mail address when you subscribed:

subscribe classiccmp

But that's actually wrong. The software reads your e-mail address from the
header of the message (so in other words, the address you use to subscribe
is the one where the messages will get sent). The place in the body of the
message where your e-mail address is shown above is actually the place where
your name is supposed to go. So your name ends up being your e-mail address.
It's kind of annoying, actually.

I don't think there's a command to change just your name. However,
unsubscribing and resubscribing works just as well (and is easier to
remember). i already did that for you, so your name should finally be
changed after all this time. Again, sorry for keeping you waiting.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm not swamped anymore, so I
should be able to answer them quickly.

-- Derek
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