E-bay stupidity! was Re: height of folly

From: Max Eskin <max82_at_surfree.com>
Date: Sun Jul 4 10:09:01 1999

On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Kai Kaltenbach wrote:
>I think about that every time I see the silly original Star Trek: The Motion
>Picture (for those who haven't seen this masterpiece, the RCA 1802-powered
>Voyager runs into an alien civilization who accelerates it to about the
>level of HAL with a learning disorder, then gives it a big EMP gun and
>points it back towards Earth - gee, thanks)

Yes, I'm fascinated by the stupidity of that script. Supposedly, voyager
was instructed to "learn all that is knowable, then report the information
back to its creator". Had these people no idea what a computer was?

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