E-Bay URLs rant

From: LordTyran <a2k_at_one.net>
Date: Sun Jul 4 18:15:20 1999

> > While I agree that a line of accompanying text would time and keep those
> > of us using other mail clients from feeling lie we're being left out of an
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I ain't the only one.....

I agree. I use PINE, and I've always used PINE. I used Nutscrap mail for
about a week before I got mad at it and decided to go back to pine. Then I
decided to install Linux on my own machine and before I had finished my
quest to find the 'Ultimate WM' (or at least one I liked) used the console
99% of the time (KDE was <is> bloat, Afterstep gets boring... and so on).
9 times out of 10 when I use gpm to copy a link and run lynx, it's
referring to an image.. then I either have to write down the URL or copy
it to a file, start X, load nutscrap... and then find out it wasn't worth

Please have a short description. Thanks.

Oh, and I use flwm now... (based on wm2) not totally perfect, but small
and fast, plus I have the source and am working on my own version of it..

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