11/44 RSTS/E Sysgen

From: kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com <(kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com)>
Date: Sun Jul 4 20:55:00 1999

> I would like to know if anyone reading The List has ever done this
> particular operation, and if so, are there any pitfalls, booby traps,
> and/or gotchas that lurk waiting to sink (more) fangs in my tender
> derrier.... ?

        The process is actually easier than it looks. You can, if you
wish, specify more devices than you actually have installed. That
allows room for growth down the road.

> Does the sysgen process write to the tape? Or just read from it
> and write to the disk? The Kennedy reads fine, it's just recording
> that's flaky.

        Strictly reads from it, and writes to the disk. In fact, you should
-never- run a sysgen source tape write enabled (yank the write ring
out of the back of the reel before you start).

        Enjoy! SysGenning on RSTS is actually one of the easier
things I've experienced.
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