IBM 5150 XT

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jul 5 10:19:01 1999

On 2 Jul 99 at 22:59, Tony Duell wrote:

> > > 3. What kind of monitor (graphics array) is an IBM 5153. I would guess
> > > EGA, but don't know.
> >
> > CGA. If the computer has a CGA video board, then it'll be fine.
> > But if you plug it into an MDA board, you can damage it.
> The MDA monitor is the really 'fragile' one. As it has no horizontal
> oscillator, the Hsync pin directly drives the HOT. And if you drive it
> off-frequency, it will fail.
> I thought the CGA monitor was a lot harder to damage. If you plug it into
> an MDA card, it won't work, but I didn't think it did damage.
> -tony
 Most of the Hercules and Simca docs had a warning about using them when
connected to a CGA card. I can't remember now the specifics.

 You said in an earlier post something to the effect that the 5150 Bios
supports VGA. Obviously it requires a VGA card (8 bit ?) but I thought only the
XT would support VGA. I have a highly modified 5150 with an Intel Inboard
386 card that I had become resigned to not having VGA abilities. I've
acquired an 8bit VGA card that I was going to use on my XT(5160) since I
had been told the PC wouldn't work with it.
 Could you elaborate. Since VGA at that point of time was only an idea not yet
close to implementation.Was it a backward compatibility thing built into VGA?
I'm really into the idea of blowing the socks off the bleeding-edge Dozers with
this machine, I have a pristine model for collection purposes.(boring)

ciao larry

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