Compaq P III was Re: Keyboard repair parts?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jul 5 10:19:03 1999

On 3 Jul 99 at 18:03, Joe wrote:

>I've got an apparently functioning Compaq portable, the sewing machine
> >look-alikes, that I've been unable to explore because it is missing the
> >cover/keyboard. It has a deep well socket that takes a standard 5-pin din
> >but won't work with any of the K-Bs I've tried with it. Like the Plus it
> >seems to be a proprietary interface. Anyone know of a k-b that will work
> >besides the original ?
> >
> Sounds like a Compaq Portable III. Did you try both an XT and an AT
> style keyboard? I think I used a non-Compaq keyboard on one in the past.
> There's a P III for sale on E-bay right now and I think the price was
> pretty cheap.
> Joe
 A II actually. I tried both XT and AT but a K-B with a switch. Didn't try
it with one of my other ones since the well is too narrow for most DINs.
 I'll open it up and see if I can access the port that way to go thru my range
of KBs. Hate the idea of buying a complete machine just to get a KB. Neat
machine tho. Thanks.

ciao larry

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