RSTS/E Sysgen Successful

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Jul 5 15:08:17 1999

On Jul 5, 12:14, John Lawson wrote:

> SO: the object of this sysgen was primarily to allow the use of
> the RL02 disks. And here I have a stuckness: I can sucessfully
> init an RL02 disk, erase it, exercise it, find it's bad blocks, and
> then mount it. All ok. But I can't allocate it, write a file to it,
> or get a directory. The error message is 'Device not available.'
> I can do 'show dev' and see that it is mounted, but from there I
> cannot find out what the next step is. I have a RSTS Orange Wall on
> the way in, but it will be almost two weeks before I get it.
> Until then.. what need I do to read and write the RL02s?

I've never used RSTS, but in RSX, you have to provide a /PUB switch to
mount, to mount it as public. Maybe RSTS is similar?

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