Fireworks in a power supply... (indirectly off topic)

From: Jason <>
Date: Mon Jul 5 19:32:32 1999

O.k.... here's the question: What would cause a capacitor in a power
supply to suddenly explode, spraying its 'guts' and a bunch of smoke all
over the place??

Why I said it was indirectly off topic is that the power supply capacitor in
question is from a car radio, but I've also had this happen in a couple
laptops that I have. I replaced the capacitor in the one laptop, and it
works fine, but it looks like the capacitor has "puffed up". The other one
just keeps exploding as soon as I connect the power supply. I don't even
have a chance to turn it on.

As for the radio, it was working fine, then, *Bang!* it's dead, and smoke
pours out of every opening in it. I take it apart, the top of the capacitor
is missing, and there's brown liquid all over the place. The same sort of
thing happens in the second laptop, but the capacitor totally explodes.

Any suggestions?
                -Jason Willgruber
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